4 Strategies to Getting More Traffic to Your Website

Bring traffic to your website is the most important thing you need to do once you have a product and website. The problem is how do you get traffic to your website? Keep reading and let me show you some free ways to bring traffic to your website.

There are many free ways to bring traffic to your website and today I am going to show you 4 strategies to help you bring more traffic to your website through backlinking.

Before I begin, let me define what backlinking is. Backlinking is when you connect your website URL to another website and you only want to have one-way linking. This connection that is being made will bring you traffic from the search engines. Lets now learn some strategies.

Strategy #1: Find blogs that you can add a comment to and leave your website link in. What you want to do here is to find (do follow) blogs. These are blogs that will give you a vote for the link that you’ve given if the content that you give is worth reading. Make sure that you find blogs that are similar to your website’s theme. Next, make sure that you have an anchor text that gives a brief description of your website and do not include keywords that are part of your website’s title or domain name. Also, you want to use html code in your anchor text, as Google.com likes this.

Strategy #2: Write articles like you see here and submit them to article directories. This is a great and easy way to build backlinks. Since you are reading this article in EzineArticles.com, you know that this is the #1 article directory and you will get a lot of targeted traffic from your backlinks in this directory. Make sure that you read their editorial guidelines and follow them. When you get ready to submit your article, create a resource box that has your website URL in it so that you can get credit for your backlink.

Strategy #3: Build backlinks through social bookmarking communities and networks. This can be another very quick way to get traffic to your website. Here, you will be building links from websites that categorize and store bookmarks. There are many bookmarking website that you can find by doing a Google search. You want to find sites that have a Page Rank of 5 or higher.

Strategy #4: You want to add your website to search engine directories. You can build up your backlinks in a short period of time with this method. However, you want to gradually build your links as you do not want to get penalized by Google.com by having too many irrelevant links to your website. Make sure that you find relevant directories to link to, as this will give you a natural pattern of building your links. I would recommend that you chose 75 – 100 directories then mass submitting to every directory in the world. I will admit that this can be time consuming but in the end you will be rewarded with a lot of organic traffic to your website.

When you use these strategies everyday as part of your marketing plan, you will see a continuous stream of traffic coming to your website on a daily basis. Once you get this started you will see that you will be bring traffic on autopilot.